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Sadree landscape Design New port richey florida

"Landscape Design New Port Richey Florida SADREE LANDSCAPE DESIGN "

*Landscape Lighting is out-sourced to a reputable LICENSED lighting professional in your area.

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Stonework, multch, boulders, landscaping rockbed, xeriscape Landscape Design portfolio Sadree landscape design New port richey florida Landscape Portfolio Design New port richey florida Xeriscape design new port richey florida Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape

Boulders make great accents and are easy to take care of. Did you say you wanted something with no maintenance required? ...This could be it! Sorry will still need to spray everything around it for weed control!

Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape
There is so much character within one of these incredible pieces of nature! Take a closer look at the detail on one of these...
Each one is unique, and I am looking for just the right character to fit your project ...remember folks I hand pick these.

Landscape< Landscape
I love this one! (so does the owner) The use of sand as a ground cover is a bit of a maintenance task, as sand is a poor weed blocker.  An alternative to sand could be pebble, crushed shell or even rubber mulch. I have had the opportunity to refresh this one with the use of crushed shell and tan rubber mulch.

Ask this homeowner what he likes best about this beautiful landscape he will tell you how fast and for how little it can look new again.

Landscape Landscape Landscape

How about a step-down stone and mortar Fire Pit? This is a safe way to enjoy a fire in your own backyard!


Here is a solid granite stone bench to go with it!


Here is a custom design done in mulch. What kind of landscape design do you fit to an Audio Shop? Well... we just did what they do... We installed a few speakers!

Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape

Mulch is inexpensive to use and has many benefits also. Unfortunately, it needs to be refreshed often to work to it's potential. To read more on mulch Click Here.

Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape
The color and texture contrast between the tan rubber mulch against the tan river rock, river boulder, and crushed shell takes focus off the lack of many plants. This is a high quality design with high quality materials that is very low maintenance.

Here is another example using rubber mulch (tan and brown) with rocks, stone and pavers.

Below is a look at the whole design.  You can see this one in detail from design to this beautiful work of art by visiting the Before and After page.
Landscape Landscape

Pathways add value to a home as they tie landscape features together. Minimizing turf areas will make your landscape a low maintenance one! High traffic areas can wear out the best quality turf in a few weeks. A path can remedy this problem. To read more on turf care click here.
Landscape Landscape
Beautiful and functional!
Landscape Landscape


These are some examples of how beauty is created by the use of

colors as well as textures to

contrast. As one can see, maintenance can be made simple by the use of various forms of ground cover.

Weeds are a common problem with all landscape designs, but when plants are limited to only focal points, the homeowner can simply spray to control them (without killing precious plant material). For more information on weeds and weed blockers visit the information center.

Plant Library

Click on the links below to see plants.

Colorful Perennials

Flowering Perennials

Using plants in key focal locations and dressing around them with the "eye candy" will draw interest away from empty spaces between. To achieve natural beauty other elements of nature should be introduced into the landscape. This will also reduce the amount of time needed for maintenance. If you like more plants, I have done some designs with mass planting, which goes in full! Much more maintenance is required to train young plants to grow and maintain to your desire. Click Here to see more.

For more pictures and music from the Landscape Artist click the link below.

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